Do you have avocados on your counter, in your refrigerator, or in your lunch? When you next visit your local market or grocery, take a look at where the avocados for sale are grown.

As the harvest season nears its end in the Northwestern U.S., we hope the team at the Zirkle Fruit company will have some time to sit back and celebrate their recent achievements.

Vilicus Farms can and does offer direct CPG/food manufacturer/processor contracting on their organic and Bee Better Certified crops.

Protecting Bees and Providing a Level Playing Field for Farmers and the Companies that Support Them

Year three has been full of excitement and growth for Bee Better Certified.

The first product licensed to display the Bee Better Certified seal is now arriving in stores.

With a robust set of requirements on pesticide use and the highest standards for protecting and restoring pollinator habitat of any food certification, Bee

After a year and a half of Bee Better Certified, we have analyzed how the standards work for the many operations that are already implementing them, and have adjusted our requirements accordingly.

It's been just over a year since the official launch of Bee Better Certified.  Read more for a look back at was has been accomplished thus far.

Bee Better Certified staff paid a visit to this "ecodynamic" vineyard to discuss their Bee Better Certified application