Bee Better Farmers

Photo: Vilicus Farms

Vilicus Farms (Havre, MT)

Anna and Doug Jones-Crabtree are first generation organic farmers who followed their vision and passion to northern Montana. They grow over 5,000 acres of heirloom grains and pulses in complex rotations that build the soils without the need for fertilizers. Vilicus has installed an impressive amount of habitat within their acreage: over 1,200 acres of pollinator attractive cover crops and over 300 acres of native range and permanent pollinator strips flourish within their farming lands.

Photo: Klickitat Canyon Winery

Klickitat Canyon Winery (Lyell, WA)

Nestled in the Columbia River Gorge, Klickitat Canyon Winery maintains high quality, diverse, native pollinator and wildlife habitat within the fallow areas of their property and on field borders and edges. Their vineyard’s vines grow among an impressive stand of native bunchgrasses and wildflowers, and the Dobsons are actively working to increase the biodiversity in their vineyards year after year.

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