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Reflecting the deep concern people have for healthy bee populations, a growing number of farms are achieving Bee Better Certified standards, which require growers to dedicate part of their farms to habitat and reduce pesticide use. We thank the Bee Better Certified farm producers for their commitment to supporting pollinators and making better places for bees. 

The following companies now offer products that carry the Bee Better Certified seal which denotes that their products contain Bee Better Certified ingredients.

Please note that we do not sell, distribute, or promote the products. This list is simply to highlight—and celebrate!—the companies at the forefront of this rapidly growing movement.   




Want to help spread the word about Bee Better Certified? Email your favorite brands, companies, and producers to inquire about their efforts to protect pollinators throughout their supply chain and let them know that you support adoption of Bee Better Certified practices.

Bee Better Certified officially launched in 2017 during Pollinator Week. 

With over 17,000 acres certified thus far, stay tuned for more certified products to come!  


A World Without Bees…

Imagine a world without most of the fruits and vegetables you love. We need bees to pollinate our apples, almonds, blueberries and many other crops. Kiwis require cross-pollination to produce their fuzzy fruit. Though we eat the roots, carrots come from a seed that was created with the help of a pollinator. Even milk benefits from pollinators: alfalfa needs leaf cutter bees to help it reproduce and become cattle feed.

Over 30 percent of the foods and beverages that we consume rely on or benefit from pollination. Worldwide, production of pollinated crops is valued at over $235 billion annually. These pollinated foods contain many key nutrients, such as vitamin A, essential to our diet. Pollinators also maintain a healthy planet: they ensure natural areas are filled with a diversity of plants that support other wildlife and maintain ecosystem function.

A world without pollinators would not only taste bland, but would leave us sick and malnourished. Without pollinators, life would be no picnic – and yet around the world approximately 40% of pollinator species may face extinction.

What Certification Means for You

The Bee Better Certified™ program works with farmers in operations both large and small to develop habitat and mitigate impacts from the use of pesticides. Our partner farmers grow an array of crops: from almonds to blueberries, vegetables, apples, wine grapes, and more. Certified farmers agree to meet the requirements of our production standards and have their pollinator protection measures verified by an independent third-party. Bee Better Certified farms provide habitat, protect bees from pesticides, and responsibly manage commercially bred bumble bees. 


Other Ways You Can Help


You can support pollinators wherever you live by planting flowers to provide pollen and nectar, protecting nesting habitat, eliminating pesticide use, and spreading the word. For more tips and information about protecting pollinators in your community visit