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Bee Better Certified in South America

Do you have avocados on your counter, in your refrigerator, or in your lunch? When you next visit your local market or grocery, take a look at where the avocados for sale are grown. In many instances, the answer is Mexico, as it is the world’s largest producer. However, as the world’s appetite for avocados … Read more

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Launching Bee Better Certified in California Vineyards

Year three has been full of excitement and growth for Bee Better Certified.  In addition to hosting field days and celebrating the launch of newly certified products, we are continuing the expansion and exploration of Bee Better Certified across a diverse array of cropping systems. With over 600,000 acres of winegrape vineyards in California, this industry … Read more


Bee Better Certified Engages the Almond Industry

With a robust set of requirements on pesticide use and the highest standards for protecting and restoring pollinator habitat of any food certification, Bee Better Certified represents a new era in biodiversity protection on farms—and what better time to celebrate this program’s growth than during Earth Week? We’ve been working hard to launch BBC within … Read more