The Bee Better Certified seal indicates that certified ingredients were grown in ways that support bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. When you buy Bee Better Certified products, you can be confident that your purchasing decisions directly benefit farms that prioritize pollinator conservation.


Companies & Retailers

Sustainable products are a major growth sector for agricultural commodities, however the demand for products produced in ways that minimize harm to pollinators is currently untapped. The Bee Better Certified Seal lets consumers know that your company values pollinators and supports the farmers that protect them. Learn how you can incorporate pollinator conservation into your supply chain.



Protecting pollinators not only provides a new marketing opportunity, but can also positively impact crop yields and produce quality. Bee Better Certification is designed for all types of operations, whether conventional or organic, large or small. It is even appropriate for crops that are not pollinator dependent. Learn how to certify your farm and become part of the Bee Better movement.