Beetle banks invite natural pest control into your fields.

Cover crops are gaining increased attention for their ability to benefit soil health while also supporting pollination and pest control services.

Hedgerows are linear rows of shrubby flowering plants that are most easily incorporated along field edges, or in areas that are inaccessible for production.

Habitat is the key ingredient for pollinator protection. It provides the flowers pollinators rely on for sustenance as well as the nest sites they call home. That’s why Bee Better Certified™ asks farms to dedicate at least 5% of their total farm area to pollinator habitat.

To ensure that Bee Better Certified™ is meaningful for bees, the Production Standards address bees’ primary needs: food, shelter, and a safe environment.

Häagen-Dazs and Harris Family Farms set their sights on becoming the first product to carry the Bee Better Certified Seal.

Announcing a new farm and food certification program, Bee Better Certified™—the first third-party certification program in the world focused specifically on pollinator conservation.