Bixler Ranch
Tracy, CA
Crops Certified: 
Contact Name: 
Wood Turner, Senior Vice President
Phone Number: 
(206) 898-3028
Acres Certified: 
Operation Type: 
Organic / Conventional

Each of our Bee Better Certified farms represents our efforts to apply regenerative management philosophies and techniques to our blueberries (and other associated crops, like hazelnuts, almonds, wine grapes, and citrus). Each of these farms sequesters significant carbon and has benefited from increases in wild pollinator and beneficial predator presence as a result of our conservation efforts and management practices.

We came together as a group of people concerned about the future of the degraded landscapes where agriculture occurs throughout the world and consider it our responsibility to help improve connectivity across our farms for all kinds of native biodiversity. Wild pollinator and beneficial predator insects are particularly important to us because of the critical -- and free (unlike honeybees) -- ecosystem services they provide to food producers like us. Restoring wild pollinator connectivity helps us manage real risks to our business, helps us improve crop quality and yield, and shows our customers and consumers how vibrant our mission is.

We also produce Sustainably Grown Table Grapes.